"Stupid kids"
The Collection was inspired by a series of photography “Stupid Kids”, a group of street kids shot by Li Zhi (licha). The film “kids”(1995) was rather realistic. Sex, alcohol, violence, marijuana and all these things were explicitly exposed by Larry Clark, without beautifying or vilifying. After twenty years, all these kids shot in “Stupid Kids” seem to be changed while somehow sharing some common nature with those kids on street twenty years ago. There are such a group of street kids, verifying from time to time, from region to region. As an interesting colony, street kids shared some tags which were always belong to them, escaping the childishness of kids and getting rid of the constraints of adults. Boring people and things remain boring, while interesting kids are keeping changing.
灵感来自照片集"Stupid kids"——摄影师李茶眼里的街头半熟少年。1995年的电影《半熟少年》很写实,性/酒精/暴力/叶子这些东西被Larry Clark直白地袒露,没有被美化或者丑化。时隔20年,照片集"Stupid kids"拍下的少年,似乎和以前不一样,又似乎保留着一些这个群体一直有的共性。每个年代每个地区都有这样一群半熟少年,因年代和地区而异有所不同,同时也共享着一些属于他们的标签。半熟少年是个有趣的群体,刚摆脱了小孩子的稚气,又没有成人太多的规矩和约束。无趣的人事物还是无趣,有趣的少年一直在进化在更迭。
Photographer / Kira Cheung 
Model / Kacper Adrian @ MNG Models
Shoes / PURLICUE @ 苏五口