FUSSED was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2013. Team members graduated from Bunka Fashion College, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and London College of Communication. The brand is committed to providing a fusion of life aesthetics design, art and music and other elements, to design wearable clothing with the brand attitude toward the city life, also hopes to create a free, pure and high quality lifestyle in the pursuit of design.
Shiqian Zhuang
2012    Bunka Fashion College, Japan
        UNIQLO JAPAN, Japan
2013    FUSSED(AINT STUDIO), Japan
Graduated from Bunka Fashion College, internship at UNIQLO JAPAN, worked fordomestic and foreign fashion media as a freelance editor producing contents related to Japanese brands, participated in the Tokyo Fashion Week as a buyer at the same time. Started independent designer womenswear brand FUSSED in Tokyo in 2012, was admitted to postgraduate of Bunka Fashion Graduate University but chose to continue concentrating on the brand.
毕业于日本文化服装学院,曾在UNIQLO JAPAN日本总部实习,留学期间作为独立时尚编辑服务于国内外多家时尚潮流媒体,制作日本品牌相关的专题内容,同时作为买手参加东京时装周参与多个日本品牌订货。2013年在东京创立独立设计师女装品牌FUSSED,同年被文化服装学院大学院硕士录取,最终选择放弃进修继续经营品牌。
Jinzhen Liang
2010    University of the Arts London, UK
2013    Stella McCartney, UK
        Mirjam Rouden, UK
2014    FUSSED(AU Art & Design), Japan
Graduated from the department of illustration at College of Communication, University of the Arts London, created one of the covers of the British pioneer fashion illustration magazine DASH MAGAZINE during study. Illustration works were published by iloveillustration, Behance and other art blogs. Internship in illustration department of Stella McCartney, Mirjam Rouden. With keen sense of point, line, surface and color, established an experimental brand AIN'T and the first silk scarf series in 2014. In the same year, joined designer brand FUSSED and began to learn fashion design independently.
毕业于伦敦艺术大学伦敦传媒学院插画系,在校期间为英国先锋时尚插画杂志DASH MAGAZINE绘制封面,作品曾被iloveillustration, Behance等艺术博客登载过。相继在Stella McCartney, Mirjam Rouden印花部门实习,对点、线、面与色彩有着敏锐触觉。2013年加入轻设计师品牌FUSSED,开始接触并自学服装设计。